About Whey Protein

This site is your destination for resources, recipes and the latest science on the power of whey protein!

From drinks and bars to meals and snacks, whey, a high-quality complete, protein is a versatile ingredient that can be found and used in a variety of foods and beverages to help benefit a healthy lifestyle.

This site was developed to help health and fitness professionals learn more about the health benefits of whey protein – and to provide resources and recipes to help incorporate whey protein in a healthful diet. Learn more about the power of whey protein:

  • Educational Resources and Research: Get up-to-speed on the latest whey protein research, and download free whey protein resources to share with your colleagues and clients.
  • Whey Recipes, FAQs & Products: Learn how to easily add more protein to your diet by cooking with whey protein powder and finding products that contain whey.
  • Upcoming Events: Find out about upcoming events where you can learn about the latest whey protein science and sample products.
  • Ask the Experts: Learn about the Whey Protein Advisory Panel and ask these protein experts questions about fitness and nutrition.